Plasmacytoma | Cases

Retrospective case study 66 Male 1 year history of right thigh pain Attended physiotherapy. Given exercises for tight thigh muscle. No improvement. Consulted GP 10-12 months after physiotherapy as he developed problems with sit to stand. GP requested X-ray pelvis. X-ray report as follows. GP referral for x-ray mentions – “Injury right leg two [...] Read more

Lung Cancer | Pancoast

71 male First appointment 3 Month history of Right rhomboid pain. Aggravated by shoulder movements. Struggles to get to sleep and occasionally wakes up. No P+N or numbness. No dizziness, diplopia, dysarthria, dysphagia, drop attacks, nausea. Exam Slight winging right scapula. Full shoulder ROM Full shoulder strength Provisional Diagnosis [...] Read more

Back Pain | Ankylosing Spondylitis | Cases

26 ♂ Presented to MSK service with back pain. Gave a 7 year history of back pain (started aged 19) Seen previously in MSK service 5 years ago (aged 21). Had an MRI scan which was normal. Has has physiotherapy in the past. Has been regularly having chiropractic treatment. Reports that his back remains arched when he is lying supine (lordosis [...] Read more

Hip Osteonecrosis | Cases

59 ♂ B/L groin pain. 10/10 VAS Initially started on the left side like lateral hip pain. Had 2 steroid injections for lateral hip pain. Uses walking stick. Painful with weight bearing, getting in / out of car. No spinal symptoms. Recent X-ray NAD Exam Antalgic gait Pain deep in groin Hip flexion limited to 90° B/L Minimal internal and external [...] Read more

Knee Synovitis | Cases

87 female , 6 month history of knee pain Difficult weight bearing. Uses 1 walking crutch. Limited flexion and extension ROM due to pain. Swelling present in the whole leg rather than just the knee. Attended A&E twice due to severity of pain. Was given a knee x-ray. X-ray Report Mild degenerative changes noted particularly in relation to the [...] Read more

Mass in Medial Clavicle | Cases

Lump over Medial clavicular region close to SCJ 57 female Reports slow growing lump in chest region for over 5 years. No trauma. Gets some shoulder pain. Has been having osteopathy for shoulder. Full shoulder ROM on examination. Non tender lump. Mild SCJ tenderness. Clinician requested MRI scans. Retrospective and current investigations below. [...] Read more

Monoarthropathy – Knee | Cases

27 female 10 Year history of Knee pain. Used to do running but now doesn’t due to pain. Previous diagnosis – Bakers Cyst which was drained. Examination No effusion Full ROM, no pain with overpressure NAD ligaments NAD meniscal test (McMurrays) Cyst present in Popliteal fossa over gastrocnemius region. Non tender MRI requested to ascertain cause [...] Read more

Bony Mets – No Primary | Cases

Skeletal Metastases of Unknown Primary – SMUP Presentation 64 male, Retired, likes walking. C/o: Right sided lumbosacral pain. No reported P+N or Numbness. Onset – 6 weeks, insidious. Ongoing left knee issue. Patient reports the onset of back pain was gradual. He linked it to the knee pain due to compensatory gait. Pain worse with sustained [...] Read more

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